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George Tatakis

Profitis Elias, Sifnos, Cyclades | Black-and-white wall art photography from Greece

Profitis Elias, Sifnos, Cyclades | Black-and-white wall art photography from Greece

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Pigment Lucia inks by Canon, in 12x ink printer with outstanding printing resolution. Hahnemühle Baryta Photo Rag 315gsm 100% cotton paper. A combination that is fade safe for >100 years.

Shipping & Returns

We are preparing the shipment within 5 business days of your purchase. The order will be processed by George Tatakis himself except in the case of his absence due to photographic expedition. In this case, the order is processed by a reliable and approved partner.

DHL service

Please note that areas marked as remote by DHL are subject to a different shipping rate than standard. Should that be the case for you, we will contact you to either select the priority mail service instead, or if preferred, to adjust your balance according to the new shipping rate.


Partner is not available during the month of August, so in the case of absence due to expedition, the purchase may be processed within a maximum of 20 calendar days.


Prints (paper size):

small: 29.7x21 cm (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in)
medium: 42x29.7 cm (11-3/4 x 16-1/2 in)
large: 59.4x42 cm (16-1/2 x 23-3/8 in)

Framed (approx.)*:

Small: 44x34 cm (17.33x13.39 in)
Medium: 58x46 cm (22.83x18.11 in)
Large: 78x60 cm (30.7x23.62 in)

*Framed work sizes will vary slightly depending on the appropriate matte size.

Care Instructions

We suggest you handle the prints with cotton gloves. If you intend to have them framed, please hand the prints inside their packaging to a professional framer before touching them. Ask for archival materials.

The prints are fade-safe, but it is always a good idea to avoid installing the prints/frames against direct sunlight.

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    You have the option to have the print signed by the artist. This is a signature directly onto the printed paper. It is not a sticker that you receive separately.

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Unsurpassed Printing Quality

Pigment Lucia inks by Canon, in 12x ink printer with outstanding printing resolution. Hahnemühle Baryta Photo Rag 315gsm 100% cotton paper. A combination that is fade safe for >100 years. The image shown is a photo of an actual print.

Portrait of George Tatakis. Black and White Awarded Photographer from Athens, Greece.

The Artist

Captivating the essence of Greek tradition, George Tatakis, an Athenian photographer and partner of National Geographic, stands as a beacon of inspiration.

With a staggering collection of 22 international awards, Tatakis' lens has painted vivid stories that found a home in prestigious publications like the New York Times.

His artistic journey extends beyond print, gracing the halls of revered institutions such as the Benaki Museum in Athens. Remarkably, Tatakis' masterpieces have transcended borders, earning a coveted place in permanent collections of numerous museums worldwide.


Celebrating Elias the Prophet: A Priest's Reverence at Sifnos Monastery

Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions of Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece, with this poignant black and white photography print capturing a local priest at the Monastery of Elias the Prophet. Set amidst the island's serene landscapes, this print portrays the priest, Papa-Yannis, as he strikes the bells of the historic monastery, signaling the start of the evening celebration mass.

A Sacred Tradition at Sifnos' Highest Peak

Elias the Prophet is venerated at the highest peak of Sifnos, where the age-old monastery, dedicated to the Prophet, stands majestically at an elevation of 682m above sea level. 

A Journey of Faith and Devotion

Experience the fervor of the pilgrims as they ascend the mountain on foot, horseback, and donkeys, carrying offerings and supplies to partake in the revered celebration. Join the priest, Papa-Yannis, as he makes the sacred journey, accompanied by his loyal canine companion, to carry out his divine duties with unwavering devotion.

Capturing the Essence of Spiritual Moments

This black and white print artfully captures the solemnity and serenity of the Mass, held both inside and outside the church, with lamps illuminating the gathering of pilgrims. The image is a poignant reminder of the enduring significance of faith and the communion of souls in these sacred settings.

A Tribute to Time-Honored Traditions

Bring the essence of Sifnos' spiritual heritage into your home with this exquisite photography print. Honor the legacy of ancient traditions and the unwavering dedication of local priests like Papa-Yannis with this meaningful artwork that pays homage to the island's cultural richness.


Let us do the framing for you. Framing is an integral part of the resulting artwork, so significant care should be taken when manufacturing it. Our selected frame is made of solid wood, painted black. All materials are of archival grade, including a museum grade glass, equipped with a UV filter. The print is handled with cotton gloves during the process. 

Available in three sizes (approximate dimensions, depending on the ideal matte size): 

Small: 44x34 cm
Medium: 58x46 cm
Large: 78x60 cm 

  • House Sealed

    All prints come with the unique George Tatakis House Seal.

  • Wooden crate

    Your framed artwork arrives in a wooden crate* to ensure safe delivery.

    *The actual crate may vary, as it is custom made per order. 

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