Multi-Awarded Photographs

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'Ryan Libre was hypnotized by this series. Was in a spell that lasted quite a while. Totally unforgettable.'


Caryatis Alpha Photographs

Work from the inaugural exhibition Caryatis Alpha, at the prestigious 'Victoria G. Karelias Collection of Traditional Greek Costumes'. August 2023.

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'Your photo exhibition in the museum in Kalamata is one of the most touching and stunningly beautiful things I saw in two months of travelling in Greece. THANK YOU 🙂'


Caryatis Beta Photographs

Work from the exhibition of Caryatis Beta at the 'Symposion Cultural Center' on Santorini. September 2023.

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The Project

Caryatis is a photographic project that focuses on traditional female costumes all over Greece, capturing the beauty and cultural significance of each garment. Each photograph is meticulously staged, highlighting the unique details and characteristics of each costume, with great attention given to postures, attitudes, and hand placements that are typical of the area from which the costume originates.

Photographs from the Greek Islands

Karpathos, Greece

Indulge in the charm of Olympos, a serene village on the idyllic... 

Chios, Greece

Arriving at the port of Mesta, Chios, at 4 AM, the refreshing... 

Rhodes, Greece

Captivating black-and-white photography capturing the essence of traditional female costumes from Rhodes,... 

Photographs from the Peloponnese

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Photographs from Thessaly

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Photographs from the island of Spetses

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Photographs from Evros in Thrace

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From the rugged mountains of Thrace to the sun-drenched islands of the Ionian, the costumes of Greece tell a story of resilience, endurance, and survival. Through the lens of photographer George Tatakis, these costumes come to life with intricate textures and details highlighted through masterful use of contrast. Caryatis is not only visually stunning, but also rooted in extensive research and documentation of the history and context of each costume. Join us on a journey through Greece's rich cultural heritage and the people who wore these costumes with pride and determination.

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