Shipping policy

We are preparing the shipment within 5 business days of your purchase. The order will be processed by George Tatakis himself except for his absence due to a photographic expedition. In this case, the order is processed by a reliable and approved partner.



For the framed work please allow 20 calendar days from the order date and 30 calendar days for the framed & signed work.


DHL service

Please note that areas marked as remote by DHL are subject to a different shipping rate than the standard. Should that be the case for you, we will contact you to either select the priority mail service instead or if preferred, to adjust your balance according to the new shipping rate.



Please allow 40 calendar days from the order date for the numbered and signed work. Your full name and current country of residence will be registered with the photographic archives of the Benaki Museum, for historical and security purposes. Your data will be stored according to the Museum's Privacy Policy.



Partner is unavailable during the month of August, so in the case of absence due to expedition, the purchase may be processed within a maximum of 20 calendar days.