The Affiliate Program

by George Tatakis
Welcome to George Tatakis' affiliate program. This program helps bloggers, content creators, publishers and social media influencers monetise their traffic.The associates may use their affiliate link by George Tatakis' shop to direct their audience to products or pages they recommend, and earn a commission on sales from the shop.The audience is able to make the purchase within 30 days after clicking your link, in which period you will still earn the commission.


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Recommend products and pages

Share pages or specific products by George Tatakis, using the referral link, found in your dashboard after you join the program. You may even use images & videos provided for you as marketing tools.


Earn 15% commission on any purchase made using your referral link. Your earnings are deposited to your PayPal account.

frequently asked questions

How do I earn money in this program?
You earn from purchases made on by traffic you refer to the site, using your referral link. You audience may proceed to their purchase within 30 days after clicking your link. In this period, they don't have to come back to the site through your link. They will still count as your referral.
What are the best practises in this program?
The program is intended for associates who want to share the work by George Tatakis to their audience. As a reward, a commission income will be offered to them. We do not tolerate spam practises, unsolicited communication and publishing the links in media containing inappropriate content (nudity, any sort of violent behaviour, gambling etc). 

The associates may not use their referral links to make purchases for themselves. 

Any of the aforementioned practises may lead to cancellation of the affiliate account and denial of commission payment.

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