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George Tatakis

Adobe Lightroom presets by George Tatakis

Adobe Lightroom presets by George Tatakis

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The original presets of George Tatakis.

George Tatakis is known for his characteristic B&W style.

He is a multi-awarded photographer, exhibiting and publishing his work internationally in important institutions and media, such as the Benaki and Fragonard Museums, the New York Times, National Geographic and LFI. His body of work and numbered print owners are archived at the Benaki Museum.

You can now have his original Lightroom preset. Note, that this preset is used to start with each photograph and some small changes have to be made to be appropriate for each work.

A second preset is also included for images that have very strong contrast (sunny day etc.)

Enjoy! You now have no excuse!

Shipping & Returns

There is no shipping, this is a digital product. Once you complete payment you can download the files directly.

The bundle includes two presets that can be installed to Adobe Lightroom:

1) Tatakis.xmp

2) Tatakis - high contrast sunny.xmp

Installation instructions

a) In Adobe Lightroom, click the presets button in the left corner below the edit panel to open the presets panel.

b) Click the 3 little dots in the top right corner of the presets panel. Select import presets and select the XMP presets file you just downloaded.

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Bouboulines of Spetses by photographer George Tatakis. Explore Greece's tradition.

George Tatakis' signature style preset in your hands

Achieve the contrasty black & white style of George Tatakis in your photography. Start from the artist's preset and fine tune your image to get the result you want. Learn how the photographer edits his iamges by seing the Lightroom setup in his photography.

  • Instant download

    Once you complete payment you can directly download the xmp files. Follow the installation instructions above to install to you Adobe Lightroom.

  • Two presets to cover most situations

    The photographer uses just these two presets throughout his work to achieve the results you see.

    1) Tatakis.xmp

    The standard preset used in most of his work. Great for normal contast images.

    2) Tatakis - high contrast sunny.xmp

    A slightly different preset that creates similar effect when your image has greater contrast, such as an outdoors, sunny situation.

  • Tatakis.xmp

    Preset no. 1 : For normal contrast photography

  • Tatakis - high contrast sunny.xmp

    Preset no. 2 : For high contrast photography